To-do list

  • Theory/Structure: Rewrite rules for the textplanner. RST relations should combine messages, not message blocks. (A message should be something that can be expressed in a single sentence.)
  • Coverage: Update the lexicalization module once the grammar fragment is “completed”.
  • Consistency: Make keys unique. Instead of three different “recency” keys, there should be a regular one, an “extra_recency” key (‘This book is particularly recent/old’) and a “relative_recency” key (‘This book is 20 years older than the other one’).
  • Consistency: In “extra recency” messages, “values” are called “descriptions”.
  • Unicode: If NLTK becomes available for Python 3, switch to that branch. Otherwise, evaluate if porting nltk.featstruct to Python 3 is feasible (e.g. with the help of python2to3).